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A message from Dan Weltman's world renown fitness studio...

"Want to raise your game to entirely new heights?
Read on to discover how elite athletes at all levels are training differently to maximize their fitness and separate themselves from the competition."

This is a rare opportunity to go inside the mind of one of the most in-demand trainers in the world - and learn the fitness secrets that separate elite athletes from everyone else.

It's an age-old question...And one I'm asked all the time...

Are elite athletes born or are they made through hard work?

I can tell you definitively, through my own experiences training elite athletes at all levels - high school, college and professional - that natural ability alone is not enough to get you to the top. In order to be counted among the best, at any level, you need to train harder than anyone else.

A lot of athletes don't want to believe that. A lot of parents don't want to believe that. Nevertheless it is a fact. The athletes who excel are the ones who outwork the competition.

Want proof? Consider David Beckham, one of the greatest players to ever step on a soccer pitch. Considered one of the fittest players in his sport, and maybe one of the fittest men on earth, his workouts are legendary for their intensity. In fact, when Beckham joined the L.A. Galaxy, Men's Health magazine did a profile of him and included his cardio routine. The magazine was so concerned that people might hurt themselves trying to replicate it, however, that they actually printed a modified version as well.

Or, compare Tiger Woods' lean, muscled physique to most of the decidedly unfit players who populate the pro golf tour. Do you think Tiger got that way by luck? I don't.

But there's more to this story. Because it isn't enough to just "work hard." You have to work hard on the right things. What is the one body part serious athletes MUST be training in a focused and consistent way? In other words, what will make the biggest difference athletically?

The Core.

A powerful core will create these immediate benfits:

  • Explosive quickness
  • Maximum agility
  • Raw power

But building a powerful core takes more than a few crunches every now and then. The abdomen is a complex area of the body consisting of multiple muscle groups. Each muscle group serves its own important purpose.

And the situation becomes even more complicated when young athletes are involved. Because their bodies are constantly developing and changing, special considerations must be given to the development of core routines for athletes up to 18 years old.

In a moment I'm going to share with you the single most important thing I've learned about building core strength in elite athletes.

But first I want to talk about a major mistake most parents and coaches make and how it keeps young athletes from reaching their potential.

Most people focus on sport-specific skills at the expense of athletic ability

I travel a lot. As a result, I get to meet and talk with people from all over. I can't tell you how many times parents have told me that their son or daughter was a standout athlete from a very young age, but, as time progressed, was unable to maintain a competitive edge.

I literally hear the same story over and over. "My son was a great player from the day he started playing. He was always the best player on his teams and always an all-star. But when he got to high school he struggled just to get on the squad. I've spent a lot of money on private coaching but it doesn't seem to be making a difference."

Very few high school programs put an emphasis on individual athleticism. For that matter, very few college programs do either. Sure, they all have "strength training" programs. But that basically means there is a room with some free weights in it, and maybe, if you're lucky, a couple of old machines. And anything below the high school level, forget about it.

But here is the simple fact: To excel at any sport it's not enough just to be good at that sport. You also have to be a great athlete.

Everyone's physiology is different. Different body types. Different abilities to generate muscle. Different ratios of muscle fibers. For example, some athletes have a higher ratio of fast twitch muscle fibers, some have a higher ratio of slow twitch fibers. Some pack on muscle easily, some need to follow a very regimented nutrition and resistance training program just to make the smallest muscle gains.

The point is in order to reach the top levels of any sport an athlete MUST be in a constant state of refining and improving HIS or HER particular athleticism.

You can hire the greatest private coach in the world, but if you don't have the core strength necessary to maximize your athleticism, you won't be recruited to play at the top college and pro levels.

Every single athletic skill requires a strong core. Every one.

Want to have explosive sprinting speed? Your core is what makes it possible.

Want to accelerate and cutback on a dime? Again, it's all about the core.

Every time an athlete slides, jumps or dives for a ball guess what part of the body is the stabilizing factor? The core.

That's why I developed the Core 4 Youth Athletes program.

The four main pillars of soccer athleticism

Core fitness is the foundation of what I call the 4 main pillars of athleticism:

  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Flexibility

Core 4 Youth Athletes is like having your own personal "athletic trainer" constantly working you through the latest and most advanced core-building exercises and routines available... all in the comfort of your home.

How to turn an average athlete into a superior athlete

I can make any athlete into a better athlete. If a player is willing to do the work, I can help them improve their speed, strength, agility and flexibility.

Over the course of 4 progressively harder DVDs we'll go through the same routines I use with elite high school, college and professional athletes. You'll get a first hand look at what it takes to prepare your body for success at the world-class level.

I said before that I would share the primary thing I've learned about building core strength in elite athletes. This one insight alone can change the way a player evolves athletically.

And that is this:


When dealing with elite athletes, the temptation is to jump ahead. The instinct is to "prove" rather than "perfect."

But this is not about "conquering." This is about building a solid foundation of core strength for athletic excellence.

Core 4 Youth Athletes is a system. We purposely designed the program to evolve over the course of 4 DVDs.

Properly performed, it should take months to go from the first DVD to the fourth DVD. Then when you've cycled through the program once, you can go back to the first DVD and begin again, this time from a new, stronger, starting point.

And that is how the foundation is built - little by little over time. Whether you are 8 years old or 18 years old, you need to learn the movements and repeat the movements until you have perfected them.

The athletes who pursue the program in this way will be richly rewarded with massive improvements in speed, strength, agility and flexibility. In short, the four pillars of exceptional athleticism.

Here's how we'll begin…

When you accept this special invitation to train with me...

You'll receive the complete Core 4 Youth Athletes program which includes 4 DVDs packed with cutting edge core fitness exercises and routines...

If you choose the Deluxe version you'll also receive access to a special web site, available only to owners of the Core 4 Youth Athletes program, where I regularly post new exercises and routines...

You'll receive my 100 page Nutrition and Resistance Training Guide...

You'll receive three 20 minute phone consultations with me where we can set goals and assess progress.

And of course you'll receive all this along with our 100% iron-clad guarantee. If you are unhappy with the program at any point within the first 30 days, send it back and we will promptly and courteously extend a full refund.

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This guide will help you focus your cardio training so maximize the value in as short a time possible. These are the techniques used by the pros. I know because I've taught them.

Every player who is serious about their sport needs to be in a constant state of building and refining his core strength.

There are no two ways about it.

It's that important.

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